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How Long Was Jesus On The Cross

How long was Jesus on the Cross? Jesus was on the Cross for nearly six hours before He passed. This was 9:00 am (Mark 15:25). Then He passed at the 9th hour (3:00 pm) (Matthew 27:46f.).

How Long Was Jesus On The Cross

In the synoptic gospels, how long was Jesus on the Cross? Jesus was crucified at the third hour (9 o’clock) on the day behind the Passover dinner and gave up the ghost at the ninth hour (3 o’clock).

In John’s Gospel, Pilate dispatched Jesus to be crucified at the sixth hour (Noon) on the day of Practice for the Passover feast (John 19:14). How long was Jesus on the Cross? 

But, if you re-read Matthew, this is not necessarily a paradox. How long was Jesus on the Cross? There is an unknown time between the nailing of Jesus to the Cross, Mt. 27:35, and night reaching over the ground at Noon, Mt. 27:45. So, perhaps more than three hours.

Also, Mark’s account does not necessarily start the watch at 9 am since the earliest Greek uses three-hour increments of time. So, maybe less than six hours.

Also, Luke 22:33, 44 is very identical to Matthew’s account. Whereas John 19:18, 30, is quiet about the measurement of time Jesus was upon the Cross. 

Although Pontius Pilate’s curse of Jesus took place “about noon,” according to Jn. 19:14. How long was Jesus on the Cross? Jesus is released from the Cross at an unknown time before sunset. So, maybe three or more additional hours.

Confusing the above are the original Greek readers of these Gospel selections. The Greek of Mk. 15:25 uses or hour third, especially between 9 am—12 noon. So Jesus could have been crucified at Noon, according to the Markan narrative.

But perhaps this is an extreme exercise. The Gospel writers had recorded these circumstances several years after the circumstances. Lastly, calculating the time would have been more complicated once darkness surrounded the land at Noon.

How Long Was Jesus On The Cross For?

How Long Was Jesus On The Cross For?

How long was Jesus on the Cross? His dead body turned on the Cross until the evening when Joseph of Arimathea took it down, perhaps around 6. That told it was a total of nine hours or slightly better.

He was put on the Cross on Friday during daylight, and the Jewish leaders hurried to get him off the Cross before sunset so they would not be breaking the Sabbath–which started at sunset on Friday.

About midafternoon of that Passover day, Jesus died. He bared his soul unto death. He ran to release his soul to the exact death. (Isaiah 53:12, JPS; NW) According to Deuteronomy 21:22, 23, he was planted that very afternoon.

If Matthew 12:40 represents three full twenty-four-hour days, when would Jesus have been buried? Leaning back seventy-two hours from early Sunday morning.

We would come before Thursday morning. Though since Jesus died around 3:00 pm, he would have held to be applied in the tomb on Wednesday afternoon. (Matt. 27:46, 50

It was also around Noon when darkness fell over all the earth until the ninth hour, or back at 3:00 pm when Jesus passed on the hell stake. Mt 27:45, Lu 23:44 This ninth hour was also called the blessing hour.

So, “the seventh hour” would be back at 1:00 pm and “the eleventh hour,” about 5:00 pm (Joh 4:52; Mt Jewish law mandated that those condemned to death be buried before sunset. (Deut. 21:22, 23) 

As far as the Romans were involved, though, the bodies of accomplished criminals either lived left on the stake to rot or were tossed into a shared grave. 

That is not what Joseph had in marble for Jesus. Close to the performance site, Joseph had a new rock-cut grave. 

This burial had never been employed, indicating that Joseph had just driven from Arimathea to Jerusalem and expected to use this property as his household gravesite. 

Concealing Jesus in Joseph’s future tomb was a great activity on Joseph’s part and fulfilled the prophecy that the Messiah would be buried.

How long was Jesus on the Cross? All four Gospels document that Joseph covered it in fine linen after Jesus’ body was pulled from the stake and spread in his tomb. 

Nicodemus, who brought burial spices, was the only someone expressly stated to have helped Joseph. Given the quality of these two, it is doubtful that they would have carried the body themselves. 

How Long Was Jesus On The Cross Until He Died

It is additionally possible that they would have employed helpers to do the actual carrying and burial. Be that as it may, the task that the two men launched was not insignificant.

Anywho arrived in contact with a corpse incurred proper dirtiness for seven days, causing everything they touched to be unclean. (Num. 19:11; Hag. 2:13) Such a situation would need them to be hidden during Passover week and miss its adherence and festivals. 

How long was Jesus on the Cross? By putting Jesus’ burial, Joseph also risked mockery from his colleagues. Yet, at this moment, he was willing to accept the results of giving Jesus a noble burial and of openly placing himself as one of Christ’s followers.

Since Jesus and those pierced with him were on stakes on the afternoon of Practice, it was necessary to the Jews that their ends be hurried if required to be planted before sunset. 

This was particularly so since the day soon to start at sundown was a typical Sabbath, the seventh day of the week, and a Sabbath because of Nisan 15 (Le 23:5-7). 

They liked to cover it up fast, ranging from a few minutes to a couple of hours. This is why he brought a spear to the side to ensure death.

The Sun was shaded from Noon to 3:00 pm, at which moment He died. His followers then had three hours to bring His body down and design it for the grave before sunset.

Place, he had been hit 39 times the day before, and that alone could have destroyed him. His weakness stopped him from making himself up by his feet to reduce the weight on his arms so he could live. 

How Long Was Jesus On The Cross Until He Died

How long was Jesus on the Cross? They stabbed him in the heart when he seemed dead, and water came out, meaning that he was dead. People can carry up to 3 days to die from crucifixion.

3 hours as fully God and full man and 3 hours as fully man, totally disconnected from God, and with what occurred now after he gave himself up into his Father’s hands. 

And directly after, he was stabbed in his left flank lower ribs l, and they said water came out, but it was clear fluid from the brainiac. For this to transpire would have taken approx 3 hours for the meat body.

How long was Jesus on the Cross? after the end and GOD, the Father, had him there until it was done, until Jesus said it was completed and gave himself up into his Father’s hands.

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