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Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday Today And forever

I acknowledge Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever, arrive in human form to complete the redemption of humanity. Some people will acknowledge his presence but reject his divinity. 

Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday Today And forever

I acknowledge Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever, argued and presented, in many manners, that he was and is One with God the Father and the Spirit.

Some people start when they cannot find Jesus explicitly stating the same terms. I am God. But those who understand the Old Testament recognize that Jesus did precisely that when He declared to be I am, and before Abraham lived, I am.

Jesus accepted worship and cost that, You should honour the Lord your God and help him only. The Pharisees comprehended Jesus’s insistence on God (John 10:33); they charged him with blasphemy and enjoyed throwing him off a cliff. We all understand they finally destroyed him.

Is Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever? I sense it in my soul and my nuts. Jesus today is a fictitious nature in a string of fantasy novels only as he was yesterday and will be forever. Until our warmth end.

I acknowledge that Jesus is forever exact. He first gave Himself for us, for all of society. He carried the bullet so we may decide to have eternal life with Him. Thank You, Jesus, for Your eternal love and gift of everlasting life. Amen.

I acknowledge that He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Foremost and the Final, the Beginning and the End. That wraps it all about Time and Eternity. So, to place it bluntly, I acknowledge that He ( Jesus ) is the same Yesterday, Today and Forever. Nobody and no one can convince me.

But you’ll be joining words fast when descending into what it means.

Jesus is one of the most observed persons from the antique world, but his view hasn’t altered that much in 2000 years. 

Many reports layout this or that picture of him, but it usually is more around a person’s view of Jesus than something concerning the man himself.

Whatever you believe, know or acknowledge about Jesus, he’s a documented constitution that sets a connection point. And it isn’t adjusting greatly. Agree or disagree, that’s up to you. You can even claim that there are fools out there accepting in Jesus (same as any other group of people as a share of idiots). But the connection point doesn’t shift.

About Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday Today And Forever KJV

The faithful church, the identical love, the faithful ministry, the identical Christ. What Jesus based on land is still the same and functions just as completely today as it did when Jesus stepped beside the Ocean of Galilee.

Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday Today And forever

Many religions claim that Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever, and if you acknowledge Jesus was only a name God employed for a time, they will acknowledge that. Trinitarians also acknowledge Jesus is identical to God and would believe that.

Many Christians would tolerate this idea based on the well-known hymn in John 1, In the front was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Nevertheless, it’s dark how the initial audience would have comprehended this.

A naturalist would claim that Jesus died about 2,000 years ago and hasn’t done anything impressive since that. He’s the exact yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Glancing at the verses before and after, I acknowledge the immediate context directed primarily to philosophy. It is sandwiched between: watch your managers who said the Word of God and lived it out, and do not be led wrong by strange instructions.

It may include targeted people who ‘modified’ Jesus to serve their schedules. Maybe earlier Gnostics or Legalism. Their sight of Jesus was not dropped and landed to record Jesus who lived within time.

One day Jesus is our CEO pledges victory, and the next day a genie in a light. Jesus Christ The same yesterday today and forever, Yesterday he was our domestic ‘secret’ Savior. 

Is Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever? He sanctifies our sin and causes no directions on our lives and the next a love guru. Many weird and other pictures of Jesus.

God Is The Same Today As Yesterday

As the founder of what we call space-time and everything in it, God is outdoors of it and not subject to its laws and regulations. God’s nature is constant and does not alter.

God Is The Same Today As Yesterday

While people may sense contradictions about God, such as jealousy, God is a caring God. There is no rejection since He is the basis of everything.

Hebrews 13:7 Recognize them which have the power over you, who have said unto you the Word of God: whose trust mind, regarding the end of their discussion.

Hebrews 13:8 Meaning

Meaning is that, Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever. Be not brought about with divers and bizarre principles. For it is right that the heart is set with grace, not with flesh, which has not satisfied them that have been settled therein.

He is not tied in the flow of time and is still new. He witnesses human time like a moving train overhead. His 1 day is equivalent to 10 human centuries. He exists the Alpha and Omega. 

The start and the end. The LORD of the term. The Complete Record is His Diary. He never alters his Loyalty. Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent.

The wonderful information is that the assurances of God’s dignity are crucial and lasting. The awful news is that God’s immortal terms are the standard measure of divine righteousness. 

Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever, the Savior is producing as the judge of all. The Father judgeth no man, but hath saved all decision unto the Son, John 5:22. Yet Jesus informs us that his standard of review is the Scriptures. 

I acknowledge that Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever, And his terms. He that rejecteth me, and receiveth, not my comments, hath one the judgeth him: the Word that I have said, the identical shall consider him in the last day,” John 12:48.

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