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How To Live Like Jesus?

How to live like Jesus? Many individuals are somewhat perplexed about the Christian Life. And there are so many devotees in Christ Jesus who are working and discouraged because the sense of what it means to live a prosperous and victorious Christian life eludes them.

I think that it is likely to live like Jesus for God and appreciate the sweetness of His Company once we understand the principles that govern victorious Christian living.

live like Jesus

How to live like Jesus? First, enable me to document and state that I am a Christian, a devotee in Christ Jesus, and Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. I am not embarrassed by Him and my connection with Him. 

How to live like Jesus? He transformed my life when I was thirteen years old, and currently, at the age of forty-three, I love Him better now than I did before because He is so awesome. 

If your Christian life is flat and dull, then maybe the codes I share regarding living victoriously in Christ Jesus will be just what you must attend.

I want to show you ten things to comprehend, allowing you to live nearer to Christ and enjoy living as a Christian. After all, Jesus declared that He came that we may hold and appreciate life. 

How to live like Jesus? These ten spiritual codes are true and founded upon the wisdom of God’s Word. I have also confirmed them via my own experiences over the years. 

They are universal, indicating they apply to all of us as devotees of Jesus Christ. And if you will be a doer of God’s Word and not just an inoperative hearer, these treasures of Truth will transform your life. 

This is the starting position of a successful Christian life. You must know that you are protected. To be held is to be born again, born from overhead, made a Christian, saved, and child of Almighty God. 

All of these words mean the same thing. Now, how can we be infallible that we are saved? To evolve as Christians, we must acknowledge that God adored the world and that He gave His only Son. That whosoever believeth in Him should not die, but have eternal life. John 3:16 

We must acknowledge that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to the earth in the flesh, via the womb of a virgin as a baby, grew up, and proceeded to the cross as the immaculate Son of God to die for our sins which we had achieved before Almighty God.

How to live like Jesus? We must accept that He was hurt for our crimes, bruised for our sins, the chastisement of our peace was upon Him, and with His bars, we are cured.

Learn How To Live Like Jesus? 

How to live like Jesus? Thus, you are committed if you have obtained Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, inviting Him to arrive into your heart.

These things have I written unto you which accept on the expression of the Son of God, that ye may learn that ye have everlasting life and that ye may accept on the name of the Son of God.

How to live like Jesus? So if you conveyed Christ your life, you are protected. If you have not yet delivered Jesus Christ your life, ask Him now. 

I accept. You died for me and shed Your special blood to pass away my sins. I think God raised You from the dead, and right nowadays. I obtain You as my Lord and unique Savior. I give You my life. Now enable me to live for You. 

Comprehend that the new birth or evolution is not a material knowledge or mental experience but a spiritual understanding. This is where I became disoriented early in my hike with the Lord Jesus and where I think many individuals are still somewhat puzzled. 

I moved to a church where they piped a song that said, I looked at my hands, and they examined new. I glanced at my feet, and they were too. It was described as if the new birth was a material item. 

So when I shared my life with Christ, I was hoping to have this sensation, this super-duper, out-of-the-world sense, by which I would comprehend that I was committed. I did not have that kind of feel. 

Learn How To Live Like Jesus

How to live like Jesus? I consumed an entire year wondering if I was a Christian because I did not comprehend that the new birth is not a material thing and is not founded upon material surfaces. 

How to live like Jesus? Our sentiments are like the sea tide, in and out, up and down. Never, ever think about your association with Christ established on how you feel at any given juncture. 

Your stroll with God is to be lived by the Bible, the Written Word of God, stable, concrete, and certain. The Word of God is reliable, not our feelings. So look to the Word. 

How to live like Jesus? If the Bible states that I would be protected if I received Jesus as Lord, I would be protected and accept Him as Lord. It does not count how I discern.

How To Live Like Jesus every day?

How to live like Jesus? So we are spirit, soul, and body. Now, where the mess for many Christians reaches is a deficiency of knowledge of which part of us got held. When we conveyed our lives to Jesus, not our bodies got reserved. 

Our bodies have not been revised as yet. Thank God, one day, when Jesus comes too, we shall obtain a new body, a beautiful, magnificent, saved, eternal body, just like Jesus’ own when He emerged from the dead. But, that is to reach. 

It was not our souls who got held either. I understand this is a bold idea, but please hear me out. Jesus said living born again is a spiritual adventure. He said That which is born of the soul is spirit.

How to live like Jesus? So, when we offer our lives to Christ, the part of us which brings saved is our spirits. We welcome a new spirit. Our souls, yet, are held as our minds are restored to God’s Word. This issue will be examined more in our following point.

When we give our energies to Christ, our spirits become a new result in Christ Jesus. We evolve a child of God in our spirits, our inward man. But nobody occurs to our souls or bodies. 

How to live like Jesus? Now that we are offspring of God, we must experience the redemption of our minds, our soulish area, via the renewing of our senses. 

You may read better about this in Romans 12:2 and James 1:21. In other words, we must now change our review from harmful, ungodly, and harmful ideas to thinking founded upon God’s Holy Word, the Bible. Our souls have our minds, wills, feelings, and creativity. 

How To Live Like Jesus every day

We must provide upon God’s Word daily and bring our reflection, logic, and imaginations in line with the Bible, instead of what we previously believed or what ungodly individuals try to tell us. The Bible is the ideal we are summoned to live as Christians. 

Thy Word have I hid in abundance heart, that I strength not sin against Thee. God’s Word is the spiritual food of the Christian. Just as our bodies need material food to live and be healthy, our minds require learning and knowledge to create mentally. 

Our spirits require the Bible, God’s Holy Written Word, to expand and grow spiritually. His Talk is about spirit and life. Jesus said Man should not live by bread alone but by every Word that moves out of God’s Mouth.

How to live like Jesus? If you consider you will evolve into a strong Christian without daily feeding upon God’s Word, you are misunderstood. You will only become spiritual by reading the Spiritual nourishment of the Word of God, the Bible.

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