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The Man In The Middle Was Jesus

There were three men on the mountain up Calvary, But the Man in the middle was Jesus. He crucified us. Well, the Man on the left was a villain man. Bound to the cross, He could have been overlooked, But he knocked the Lord.

Our Lord was not crucified independently but hung on a cross between two prisoners, but the Man in the middle was Jesus. While we may readily smooth over that fact, it sets some major gospel facts before us.

The Man In The Middle Was Jesus

Throughout His life, that had been the subject. He was known as the friend of villains because he combined with prosti­tutes, rejects and tax collectors. 

He was called a drunk because He cured on the Sabbath, He was dubbed a law-breaker because He declared to be the Son of God, and He was considered a blasphemer. 

He was numbered with the criminals. And in his death, it was no further. He turned between two robbers, And the Man in the middle was Jesus. He was considered as no differ­ent from a prisoner.

Our Lord took the shame and disgrace of living numbered with the criminals because sinners were his task. He had come to strive and save the failed. He had not come for the virtuous but sinners. He had come for robbers, assassins and adulter­ers.

And as evils­ners, we can only stand in awe that the Holy one should take such shame to get us to praise! He is always the friend of villains, and although others may disown us because of our evil, He will never disown the villain who humbly and brokenly tasks in His love and dignity.

The three crosses remind us that our crucified Lord mourned most in His heart. It is very comfortable to stay on the physical agony of crucifixion as you understand there was the Man in the middle was Jesus. 

Descriptions Of The Man In The Middle Was Jesus

It is not unusual to hear graphic descriptions of the Saviour wracked with despair. It was an aw­ful death. His anguish in the body was huge. But no more lavish than the thieves on either side. They experienced the same despair and death, and the Man in the middle was Jesus.

What was special about the Man in the middle was Jesus. His agony of the soul. He was hated and abandoned by men. He was ridiculed and criticized. Taking the sins of His people, He was subject to the rage of God. 

While the further two were paying for their evils, He was paying for the whole planet’s evils. He fell into hell. That drove Him to sweat falls of blood Man in the middle was Jesus. That which twisted from Him the excruciating cry of God-forsakenness.

As we react to our Saviour, we should not only be moved by sympathy toward Him for His physical torture. We should be driven by the love and dignity who bore the hex in our site. 

He who had no sin became evil for us so that we power to become God’s character! Finally, the three crosses remind us that the Man in the middle needs an answer. The men on either flank of him interacted with Him from their crosses. The Man in the middle was Jesus. 

He had no respect for him, no fear of God. He united with those who decided him to the cross. We can only imagine that when he subsisted his last, he departed forever from the Son of God. 

He had been justly hustled­demned to death, and eternal death would be his future. Yet, valued Christ as holy and sought deliverance from the Lord. He bought the sinlessness of Christ and requested that the Lord would place him. 

And at that moment, we see the Lord’s most helpful answer. He gave to that moribund thief near as­surance of redemption. Entry into paradise was granted not founded on Man’s life but the ground of his simple faith and plea for understanding.

Descriptions Of The Man In The Middle Was Jesus

It is a visual reminder that we all must answer, one way or anoth­er, to the Man in the middle. Either we consider him the Holy One, or we hate and deny him. Either we pray with Him for understanding or make the morning of His death. Either we are held by faith or lost for­ever. 

We ought to recognize that when Jesus comes again, sporting a height of credit rather than a crown of thorns, He will divide all people into those on the request and left. All will be sinners. The distinction is between sinners rescued by grace and justly doomed to hell.

We can be grateful, then, for the knowledge of God in letting Two criminals murder his Son. The same set of three crosses shows these central gospel facts graphically. 

How vital that we take time this Easter to ponder on the work of our redeemer so that our hearts may again burst with love and praise for the Man in the middle.

The Man In The Middle Was Jesus On Calvary 

Luke says that one of the criminals who hung there threw slurs at Him, and the Man in the middle was Jesus: They agony him to save yourself and us. 

But we notice that the other prisoner had a transformation of heart, speaking, Don’t you worry God, since you are underneath the same punishment? We are disciplined justly, for we are bringing what we merit.  

But this Man has done nothing awry. This enlightened prisoner learned that Jesus was an ignorant man, falsely charged and mistakenly crucified. That would be an impressive reversal, but he comprehended more awesome things.

He describes the Lord, Jesus, recognizes me when You come into Your realm (23:42). Much disclosure is packed into that ruling, and none is reached from this Man’s performance. He admitted, by divine command, that Jesus was.

The Man In The Middle Was Jesus On Calvary 

A King, and he understood – only via the Spirit – that there was life – everlasting life – behind death through Jesus. What an awesome acknowledgement. And it wasn’t offered to the intelligent and intellectual spiritual leaders – it was delivered on a low.

We don’t know what was occurring in the mind and soul of this Man, but I think the Man in the middle was Jesus. As he bent his head to gape upon Jesus, his eyes were extended to the Truth.   

I think he saw the power of Jesus’ agony under the weight of humanity’s curse – including his own. I think he heard Jesus’ request to His Father for forgiveness for the ones who decided Him to the cross.  

I think he saw past the blood-matted hair and scrapes, and the Man in the middle was Jesus, examined beyond the skin sliced to ribbons, and saw a glance of who this Man in the middle truly lived. And a holy glance is all he required.

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