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Third Word Of Jesus On The Cross

Jesus saw his mother and the follower he loved standing there, so he said to his mother, He is your son. Then he spoke to the devotee. She is your mom. From that moment, the follower brought her to live in his residence.

Third Word Of Jesus On The Cross

We have been glancing at the terms Jesus said from the cross in our time jointly. The first talk was a word of forgiveness, Father, excuse them, for they understand not what they accomplish.

The second word from the cross was a word of deliverance said to the dying thief. Now we glance at the third word uttered by Jesus from the cross. We may term it a term of respect.

The stage is set. While the warriors were examining themselves, Jesus’ mother, aunt, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene stood at the ground of the cross. 

Jesus saw his mother and the follower he loved standing around her. He spoke to his mother, Woman, here is your son. Then to the follower, Here is your mom. The devotee took her as his mom.

The cross enlarges the idea of family – the family of God. We understand that Jesus had other siblings, but it was to John, the special supporter, that he charged his mother. 

Fellows of Jesus’ family estranged themselves from Jesus, not feeling in him. Mary felt in her son, and John was a disciple. At the cross, it is their faith that allows Jesus to tie them jointly in love. 

Behold thy son! Jesus transforms the basis of connections. It is not founded on the biological downhill but on belief and spirituality.

Beneath the cross on that sad, sad day, the special supporter and Mary failed something. They lost the physical reality of a friend and son. Yet, they also achieved – a friendship forged beneath the cross. Mary acquired another son. And the special follower earned a mother.

Jesus, in his church, declared, I tell you the fact, no one who has gone home or brothers or sisters or mother or dad or kids or areas for me and the gospel will fail to obtain a hundred moments as much in this current age.

Under the cross of Jesus, Christian company was born for Mary and John and for you and me and everyone who thinks. Under the cross, all true devotees become family. Under the cross, all become brothers and sisters in the Lord. 

Become role of the family of God – the family of the saved.

Interestingly, John’s gospel narrative that John took Mary, Jesus’ mother home to live with him from that moment. 

She had somebody to care for her and deliver a place for her. A new connection to the existing concrete had to be made. Love was told most effectively. John was designed to pay the price of looking after his mom.

Sermons On The Third Word From The Cross

There are three grounds that this word of Jesus to his mother and the special supporter greatly encourages our faith. The first cause would be this if Jesus were so eager to manage for his mother in her hour of market, how much more is he keen to care for his followers who attend the Word of God today and accomplish it. 

Ordinarily, one would claim the contrary: if he loved his supporters who were not his family, how much more would he love his mom. But Jesus accomplished views items ordinarily.

With him, it was strangely true: if he valued his mother with genuine affection, how much more can his respectful disciple’s bank on his love.

That was not a devaluation of his mother and brothers but an exaltation of compliance. It means very plainly that those who hear the Word of God and do it have more ready access to Jesus’ company and help than do his family partners.

Sermons On The Third Word From The Cross

For one reason, it is very risky to listen and do the Word of God. The Word of God is still contacting us to sacrificial actions of love. He who would come after me, let him renounce himself, take up his cross, and observe me.

But for another reason, there is nothing more uncontroversial and more rewarding than hearing and doing the Word of God because Jesus told me that those who listen and do the Word of God are my mother and my brothers.

Loving adherence to the Word of God puts us in connection with Jesus, which is more personal and more certain to be attended to and supported than his most immediate family ties.

Third Word From The Cross

If Jesus Christ could supply for the needs of his own at a point of his most profound weakness and shame, how much more can he deliver for your need in his current power and exaltation. 

As an appreciative supporter, you are in a better place than Jesus’ mother to receive a gift at the hand of the Lord, but he is now in a better position to provide it to you than he was to her then.

According to Ephesians, the superiority of God’s power, which is operating on behalf of us who think, accords with the working of the potency of his might caused by introducing Christ from the dead and seating Him at his good hand in heaven. 

The pleasure created for our sin at Calvary was so full that God honoured this gift by presenting Jesus from the dead and giving him only glory, power, and prosperity. And so, when the apostle considers whether we can bank on Christ to supply our needs, this wealth of glory confirms him. 

Third Word From The Cross

He states, “My God shall provide all your needs according to his riches in praise in Christ Jesus. The risen Christ is so full of magnificent means that the market did not turn anyone out. 

Paul says there is no difference between Jew and Greek, for the exact Lord is Lord of all, abounding in wealth to all who call upon him. Thus, the word of Jesus to his mother from the cross is a wonderful incentive to our religion. 

For if he could supply for his own in the moment of his fault and shame, how much more can he fulfill all our requirements today from the right hand of God, full of energy and wealth and recognition.

The Church as a New Spiritual Family

The third cause Jesus’ talk to his mother inspires our faith is that it shows the church’s help, the body of Christ. Contrary to tradition and anticipation, Jesus did not criticize his brothers for caring for their mother. 

Whatever the cause for not placing Mary in the care of her other sons, the new connection between Mary and John describes the requirement made for us in the body of Christ.

Do you remember how Jesus told the rich man to sell all he had and follow him? The man rode out, and Jesus declared, How hard it will be for a rich man to join the realm of God.

And Peter declared, Behold, we have gone everything and observed you. And Jesus said. Indeed I say to you. No one has gone house, brothers, sisters, or mother farms for my sake and the gospel.

The Church as a New Spiritual Family

When Jesus speaks to Mary: Look on John as your son; and to John: Look on Mary as your mother, he offers us how our requirements are to be completed when we have left everything to pursue him. 

Paul stated in Acts 20:28 that Christ “bought the church of God with his blood.” Thus, one of the miracles Jesus provided to us from the cross was the community: a loving, caring, nurturing, bright family outside the family. 

And it is a significant incentive to our belief that he describes the meaning of the church the way he did in the connection between John and Mary.

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